Dark Phx, is an online platform focused on the development and unity of the black community in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas.

Our Mission is to promote black success and excellence, to support and bring awareness to local black owned businesses and local black professionals, and to provide a platform for black entertainment and for positive black representation in media for the youth.

Where did Dark Phx Come From?

As a resident of the valley, for the last several years, I always felt there was one thing missing. A central place for all things local and Black; resources, events, and people. Being that I’m originally from the ‘show me’ state, I could no longer talk about the change I wanted to see, I had to be about it. This platform can help the black people native to Phoenix and the black people relocating to the valley economically, socially, mentally, and physically.

Dark Phoenix will consistently provide new content to teach, inform, and entertain the black community of Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas.

Let’s build something together!

We’re looking for local writers, journalists, photographers and other media creatives!

Collaborate with us!

Submit to us your original content or inquire about long term partner opportunities.

We’re interested in poems, short stories, self development education shorts, and more.

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