10 Ways to Make Money on Your Phone in 2024

The beginning of November is here and the end of 2023 is near Dark Phx Family!! How do you want to bring in 2024?

The most expensive holidays of the year are coming in hot and a lot of businesses are currently in their slow season. The pocket are getting tight! It might be time to start working on a new source of income.

If you are in search of a new way to make money, you’ll be interested in this list keep reading.

A number of financially wealthy people, who share their success stories, have advised others in search of financial freedom to strive for multiple sources of income. 7 sources, to be exact, when asking, “how many should I shoot for?”.

Now 7 sources of income may sound like a lot when you are thinking of it from a 40 hours a week or trading time for money stand point. The goal behind financial freedom is to gain as much money as possible in the littlest amount of time and to not exhaust all the energy or time in the process.

We are on that “work smart, not hard” type of time in 2024!

Making money has never been more easier than it is now. Thanks to the continuous advancements in technology and in the functionality of the internet, everyday people, like you and I are finding and creating new revenues of income daily!

I’m willing to bet, you have access to a smart phone and wireless internet connection. I want to tell you about 10 ways you can start making money using just those tools no out-of-pocket costs and, usually, you get to work at your convenience.

In the list below, there will be an option for everyone and to fit any and every skill level. If you know, you are one of those “always on their phone” type of people, this list was curated especially for you.

No excuses! Let’s jump right in…

Join a Rideshare or Task App

There are a number of third party smartphone applications that offer applicants the option to earn money as an independent contractor. Independent contractors are not employed by the company, they just provide their products or services to a company under contract.

According to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS, the payee in this relationship has a right to control only the result of the work completed not what will be done or how it will be done.

You can find an app for every field. If you have reliable transportation, there are delivery and transport options like Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, Doordash, and GoPuff. There’s also Task Rabbit to help people complete various household and other tasks.

I’ve even seen apps specifically for commercial and residential cleaning, laundry, dog walking and more.

If there is a job that people have to get done, nine times out of ten, there’s an app out in the world paying others to get it done for them. These apps vary by location, it’s best to do a search in your area to confirm what platforms are available to you.

Start a Youtube Channel

Do you like to be on camera?

Do you have something of value that a large audience of people will watch you do or talk about, regularly?

You might like the idea of starting a YouTube channel, it’s not too late to try this option to make some extra money. The only tools you will need are yourself and a smartphone to be successful.

However, with this option, there could be an uncertain amount of time between you working and a worthwhile paycheck. In order to make money on Youtube, through Google Ads, you’ll first have to accumulate over 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours on your channel.

Google Ads is not the only way to get paid on Youtube, you can also find sponsors, brand deals and more. It can easily become full time income with extraordinary effort and consistency.

Start a Blog

Are you good with your words and storytelling? Writing a blog may be more your speed.

There are a few ways to begin your blog with no out-of-pocket costs to you, but those ways include keeping the website builder’s branding on the live site and they only allow limited access to the website building tools.

Starting a blog can be as cheap as $10 a month.

Although there really isn’t any minimum requirements to start making money off of your blog regarding audience size or average visit length, like Youtube, you do need a substantially large amount of regular readers in order to see a descent and consistent pay out.

Bloggers can make money off ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored post and products.

Start a Themed Social Media Account

Screenshot of instagram themed page model taken in live course.

Are you a social media addict?

Do you have an eye for viral content? Can you attract and keep followers, who engage with your content? Start a themed Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account and you can get paid to post!

It’ll be absolutely free to start a social media account. You can make, edit, and source content, just by using your effort and time.

The goal is to pick a popular theme and provide the audience what they want consistently.

The theme page could cover memes, fitness, motivation, food, dogs, babies, hair, or even be a fan page. The possibilities are endless, with quality content and the genuine engagement of your audience, you could land your first sale fast.

Our Instagram is an example of a smaller themed account, for black people working in Phoenix. Businesses and professionals looking to get in front of our audience or to gain exposure with our Phoenix based audience pay us be featured on our account. We made our first sale at just over 1k followers, but I’m confident you could do it before then.

There are a number of these accounts bringing in hundreds of dollars per post right now, you could be one.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Do you have administrative experience? Are you good at being someone’s “right hand man”? You might like being a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant provides support and services for a company or business professional. Like a personal assistant or secretary, but virtually.

A virtual assistant can complete a vast number of tasks including, but not limited to; customer support via phone and chat, social media management, travel planning, book keeping, and writing projects.

From new business owners and major corporations to the overwhelmed parents and busy socialites, the pool of clients that need your help is overflowing.

The world of virtual assisting is so enormous, it’s highly recommended to niche down and find a specialty in order to compete. Although, there’s a lot you can do from your phone, eventually it’ll only make sense to invest in a laptop to help increase your efficiency and completion rate.

Picture of introduction to live workshop with Lauriel Arkeah.

Rent or Sell Your Stuff

Do you have valuables around that you have little or no use for?

Are you good at finding free or low cost goods that can turn a profit? You could always get into sales.

Just like the rideshare and task smartphone apps listed earlier, there are a number of apps and websites that allow you to list and sell your electronics, appliances, clothes, shoes, jewelry, photographs, art and more.

If you aren’t ready to sell your items, there are a few platforms that offer you the option to rent your items out instead. Fr example, you can rent out your car on Turo, rent out a spare room on AirBNB, or even rent out your parking space or an unused storage area.

If you don’t have anything to sell, you can sell other people’s stuff. People list free items on Craigslist everyday, you just have to find the items with value, go get them and sell them.

Become a Social Media Manager

Are you good at operating social media, but not really interested in running your own account?

You might find better luck as a social media manager.

The use of social media for advertising and marketing is at an all time high. Companies will pay top dollar for an account manager, who has the strategies and skills to can help reach sales quotas.

A social media manager quite literally manages a social media account with the focus of meeting or exceeding growth and engagement goals.

This is another money making option that doesn’t require a specific following count. You just have to show and prove to potential clients that you can get their desired results.

It can easily be part time or full time income.


Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Do people often come to you for referrals of trustworthy products or services?

Are you good at not only making decisions, but explaining the benefits and pros? I think you would bring in some income in affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, your job would be to get paying customers on to a companies product or service page. You are paid a commission on the purchases consumers make when they access the products or services using your special link, provided by the company.

I mentioned this option earlier, when talking about making extra money from creating a blog. From my research the most profitable affiliate marketing is said to have come from having your own website.

This can also be done through social media, Youtube and anywhere else that you have an audience, as long as the platform allows you to include your company provided link somewhere on the platform.

It’s best if the link it a clickable link.

Create Music or Movies

Are you creative? Can you tell a captivating story with visuals or produce strong emotions with music?

You could have yourself a career in music or movies with that type of talent. A career you can start right from the palm of your hands. However, I will warn you that you will start off a bit limited trying to do everything from you smart phone, but it is possible.

You can record, edit and upload music and movies right from the phone, it’s going to take some extraordinary effort and planning.

Being that so many creators are tapping into and capitalizing off of this space, some platforms are now asking you to meet certain criteria prior to allowing you to monetize your. media. In order for it to make sense financially, you will need to reach a lot of people and, ideally, you want them to comeback and stream your music or movie multiple times.


Get Paid for Your Opinion

Do you enjoy reviewing products and services? More often than not, you catch your self leaving feedback after making purchases.

There are tons of companies, who are paying to learn more about the people that shop with them. It’s usually not enough to quit your day job, but you can earn money, rewards and freebies by taking online surveys.

Be cautious of the companies you sign up for, make sure to thoroughly review the terms and conditions. It’s good to be informed of how the collected information will be stored and used.


You don’t have to end the year in a deficit! You can be one or two new incomes closer to financial freedom, just in time for the holiday’s. That’s if you commit to a new money making strategy now. You can change your financial situation, people do it all the time. And… It doesn’t have to take you another year to do it. A wise person once said, “you have to do the things others aren’t willing to do in order to have the things others don’t have. Ask yourself, “Day one or one day?”.

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