DeAnna’s Style Haus: the Open House

Hey Dark Phx Family!! We sent our lil sis, Indy, on a mission. Read on to see how it went…

Indy is the newly licensed esthetician and owner of Fantasy Waxing, check her out here. She’ll be one of the many pretty faces helping us get the scoop on the businesses and professionals, operating in Dark Phx.

She had the pleasure of supporting DeAnna DuPree of DeAnna’s Style Haus at her Open House held on Saturday afternoon, October the 14th, at her Scottsdale Business Suite.

We like to dig deep when learning about the local businesses in Phoenix; we are interested in knowing what they offer, their level of experience, the quality of service, their “why”, their target consumer and things like that.

So we can give it to the family, we know what you like!

After a pleasant and brief visit to DeAnna DuPree’s professional and user friendly website, we learned a number of things.

DeAnna is said to be a trendsetting wardrobe stylist to the entrepreneurs of influence, who need help making bold and lasting first impressions through their style. She’s done work with major brands like Tedx, Macy’s, American Business Women’s Association, Voyage LA, and eWomen Network.

Her day-to-day in the office usually consists of shopping, styling, teaching or planning when to shop and style for her clients. This superwoman also founded Impeccable Style Academy, to help aspiring stylists to advance in their careers.

This fashionista only offers a limited amount of the DeAnna DuPree Styling Experiences each month as each experience is 100% customized to her clients’ needs.

DeAnna’s Style Haus is located in Scottsdale, Arizona at 9689 North Hayden Road Suite #15, Scottsdale, Az 85258. She operates by appointment only. So if you are interested in working with Deanna Dupree or learning more about her businesses, visit her website here.

At DeAnna’s open house we got a little taste of the DeAnna DuPree Styling Experience and we got an opportunity to know more about the talent behind the brand.

As soon as we walked in, it was like stepping into a fashionista play space with refreshments. Every where our eyes landed in DeAnna’s Style Haus, there was something to inspire an open style mindset.

From the accessories and other statement pieces that doubled as decor along the walls and shelves to the rack of color coded and carefully hand selected looks to play life-sized dress up in.

Interview with DeAnna DuPree of DeAnna’s Style Haus

DeAnna was gracious enough to allow us to not only to film her, but also sneak in a quick and short interview while she serviced a couple of clients. We learned the open house marked the 4 month anniversary of DeAnna’s Style Haus.

It’s said to be an “unplanned blessing” by the fashionista, who seems to be super excited for the 6 month mark as she’ll be “turning it all the way up”.

Indy: “You opened up June 14th?”

DeAnna: “uh-hn, today’s our 4 Month Anniversary! You have to come in for our 6 Month, Ima turn it. all the way up in here. It’s going to be so fun!

Indy: “How long have you been a wardrobe stylist?”

DeAnna: “13 years… I’m from Long Beach, California. I’ve been here for a year and a half now.

& this was not planned, it was just… a blessing.

Everyone comes here because they absolutely hate shopping, they need help with their wardrobe, they’re going to a new position, or they have a new body and they just need help dressing it, you know?”

Indy: “That’s Amazing!”

DeAnna: “It’s what I’m born to do.”

Indy: “What’s your favorite season to dress/style for?”

DeAnna: “Fall! Fall… you can play so much in the colors and like layers!”

Indy ended this brief interview by complimenting DeAnna for the work she does to help others feel more confident in their style and themselves.

DeAnna even blessed Indy with a quick style session, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

This fashionista never missed a beat with her clients, you can tell she’s knowledgeable in her field, she’s no stranger to multitasking and, by the kool-aid smile she wore, she loves what she does.

If you rather leave the shopping to the professionals or you need a little help figuring out the style that best fits you, we highly recommend getting in touch with DeAnna to get the full DeAnna DuPree Styling Experience!

Check out more visuals on our experience with DeAnna’s Style Haus on our instagram account here.

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