The Curly Haired Herbalist

In this new segment, we’ll be introducing the practical and unique black owned businesses found in Phoenix, Arizona on an individual level.

We, as a people, are always talking about giving back to our own and making the “buy black” switch in effort to better ourselves as a community. You know, to fix some of those issues we are facing like the lack of resources, unity, and finances.

The black dollar has a lot of spending power!

The logic is, if we spent that dollar with black companies, these black companies would pour into their local black communities and the communities would then have more resources for the people in need.

From my experience, black owned businesses are harder to find than our counter parts. My hope with this segment is to expose the locally black owned businesses of Phoenix to our readers to increase accessibility.

The first business we’d like to introduce is The Curly Haired Herbalist ran by Lisa Crite. We caught up with Lisa to get the scoop on her business.

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Question 1: Who are you? Tell us about your business…

Lisa: “My name is Lisa and I was born and raised on the West Side of Detroit, Mi. I’m an herbalist that specializes in herbal healing internally and externally through teas, steams, and oils.

I also foster safe spaces for women of color to network and grow. I have officially been in business since January, 2023. My product can be found on, where I ship domestically and locally at AfriSoul Market Place in Central Phoenix and Healed by Tashi in Scottsdale.

I offer free 15 minute consultations as well.”

Upon visiting the website, it is user friendly and straight to the point. One could learn more about the owner, Lisa, and the purpose of the business, order herbal products, and even book with Lisa for the additional services she provides.

Question 2: How did you get started?

Lisa: “I’ve always had sensitive skin, so my mother would take me to the Eastern Market in Downtown Detroit to purchase pure ingredients like African Black Soap, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, etc.

Through my journey of grief, I reconnected with God in a way I had never experienced. I developed a deeper connection, acknowledgement, and appreciation for love he’s shown us through his works here on earth. Through my knowledge in Christ, personal experience with holistic healing, and love of people, I have combined my use of herbs with products of the earth.”

I, personally, am a fan of natural products. I made the switch to using black soap and a mixture of natural butters and oils as a daily moisturizer a couple years back. It has been quite beneficial to the skin.

I’m also in the market for black owned ready to use body butter brand. It’s nice too save money making my own mixture, but I’m ready to pay the convenience fee and reclaim my time, lol. I just may have to give your products a try!


Question 3: Where do you see The Curly Haired Herbalist in the next 5 years?

Lisa: “In the next 5 years, I am praying to be a household name in which customers have a subscription purchasing herbal tea instead of medication.

I hope to have a transitioning girl’s home for young women, who are in need of assistance with getting through life, where they of course will learn about herbal, holistic healing.

I can definitely see a subscription type herbal tea business happening for you on a major scale. I have very little knowledge on tea and even a dislike for the flavor of herbal teas, but I do know that herbal teas hold a lot of natural healing powers. Growing up, a lot of elder women swore by tea to get rid of common colds.

I’ve noticed there’s a large population of people that drink tea just as much as the coffee drinkers drink coffee. The need and the demand is there.

Question 4: What keeps you going when times get hard?

Lisa: “God. Literally, my source when I want to give up.”

Wheww.. say less! God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Question 5: What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self looking back?

Lisa: “Don’t try to find validation in other people. Love yourself, the right people will see the beauty in you.”

Great advice! When I think of anything having to do with choosing myself versus others, I think of the flight attendant safety speech. The part where they talk about helping yourself with the breathing mask first before helping others.

Nine times out of ten, if you can’t do it for you, you can’t really do it for anyone else.

Shop with The Curly Haired Herbalist for herbal remedies and natural skin care!

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