5 Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores in Phoenix, AZ

woman in hairnet with wig stand

What is a beauty supply store, you ask?

A beauty supply store is a retailer, who specializes in hair care products, cosmetics, and beauty tools.

woman in hairnet with wig stand
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Beauty supply stores are really popular in the black communities. We, especially women, spend a lot of money in our local hair and beauty stores.

We like to look good!

These beauty supply stores, typically, have everything you need regarding appearance. This does depend on where you go. Large varieties of wigs, hair bundles, braiding hair, hair products, hair tools, hair accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, shoes and sometimes even food.

There is one fact I’d like to point out that may or may not surprise you about beauty supply stores.

In this $50 billion dollar industry, blacks own less than 5% of the beauty supply stores operating in America.

Spending majority of the money in an industry and having the least ownership, is not a wise decision for the black community. We are already in arrears. Every dollars spent needs to yield us a return.

Just think about all the black dollars, spent with beauty supply stores across the nation. Those same dollars could have been circulated within the black community instead.

Think about how much that money would mean invested into something that aids our community. Like, the local black owned businesses that offer support and resources to our underprivileged youth and others in need.

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It was hard finding a beauty supply store when I relocated to Phoenix. In the Midwest, where I’m from, they come a dime a dozen. You could always find at least one within walking distance from you in the city.

When I was newly relocated to Phoenix, finding a beauty supply store to go to was challenging.

Now, I have a nice little list of hair and beauty stores to choose from in different parts of the valley.

Here are 4 Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores in the Valley

Get Sassy Beauty Supply

The Get Sassy Beauty Supply Store is the first local and black owned beauty supply store that I heard about. You can find them in the east valley at 1368 N. Arizona Ave Suite #102 in Chandler, Az. They are open seven days a week, between 9am and 7pm, depending on the day. You can also shop online here.

Guess what?

Get Sassy Beauty Supply offers a reoccurring braid bar. At this braid bar, hair clients get the opportunity to book hair quality braiding services from a number of talented braiders. These braiders come from all over the valley, as an opportunity to showcase their braiding skills to a new audience.

NuYorkWest Beauty Supply

The NuYorkWest Beauty Supply Store can be found just outside Downtown Phoenix. Right off the 51, located at 2927 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ. This black owned beauty supply store is also open 7 days a week. The earliest time you can visit is 9:30am and the latest time is 7pm.

Sunday appears to be their short day.

Customers can only shop with NuYorkWest in store, but they do have an a website for general business information and to allow a space to be contacted.

Did I mention, Wig Wednesday and Fab Lash Friday happen every week?

On Wednesdays, you can enjoy 10% off all wig purchases.

On Fridays, you get the opportunity to buy 2 pairs of eyelashes and get the 3 set half off.

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CrownOne Beauty Supply

The CrownOne Beauty Supply Store is a hair retailer found in the southeastern region of the valley of the sun. Located at 20311 S Ellsworth Rd Suite 104 in Queen Creek, AZ. This black owned beauty supply store is open between 10am and 7pm, the weekend day hours are shorter.

You can find general business information, customer testimonials, and more on their website. If you’re interested in shopping with CrownOne Beauty Supply, you’ll need to stop by and visit them in store.

Gilbert Beauty Supply

The Gilbert Beauty Supply Store, if it’s not obvious already, can be found in Gilbert in the east valley. Located at 1170 N Gilbert Rd, ste 122 in Gilbert, Arizona. This black owned beauty supply store is open 6 days a week, closed on Sundays. The earliest time you can catch this retailer is 10am and the latest is 7pm, depending on the day of the week.

You can also shop with them online here, at your convenience. The Gilbert Beauty Supply Store offers a customer loyaty program. You can earn 5 points for every $1 you spend.

If you earn enough points, you get the opportunity to save money on future purchases.

I feel as though I should mention, I have only visited one of the four beauty supply stores mentioned today. I went to Get Sassy Beauty Supply and that was quite a long time ago.

I look forward to completing a video documented tour of the various black businesses around the valley to provide insight on the offerings and the customer experience.

We need to locate the black owned beauty supply stores on the west side of the valley. I know there have to be at least a few.

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