4 Black Owned Law Firms in Arizona

If you needed legal representation in Phoenix, Arizona, do you know where to look?

Probably not, …if you are reading this article.

That’s okay though! It’s good that you are willing to take the initiative to actively search for the information that you don’t possess. We have a short list to help you get started!

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The funny thing about life is at any moment, anything can go wrong.

I mean, the worst possible thing can happen at the worst time. You could, literally, be put in a situation where you are of no help to yourself or any one else.

A situation where you have been wronged and you need someone else to help you obtain justice. Someone, who knows the law and has previous experience.

Disclaimer, I’m not a legal professional this is for informational purposes only.

Let’s say, you are travelling west on highway 60 from your place in Mesa to your new call center job in Tempe and it’s during the busy weekday morning rush.

Your 90 day probation is up for review and today’s the day you get evaluated for a raise.

You are feeling good this morning.

You know you are getting a raise. The question is.. how much?

You are thinking about everything you want to buy. & then… BAM!! Somebody hits you. Hard!

You get hurt pretty bad.

So bad, that now… you are out of work. I’m talking about for a nice lil minute too.

Your only means of transportation is totaled. Your finances take a huge hit.

What make it so bad is you just got caught up and things were starting to look good for you, financially. The accident wasn’t even your fault. Somebody else needs to pay for this, right?

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You know you need something major to happen.

And… you know that right now you are at a disadvantage.

I don’t know…

Sounds to me like you might need an attorney’s help to make sure you get what you’re entitled to.

Here’s a Short List of Local and Black Attorneys ready to represent those in need in Phoenix Arizona!

The Rigsbee Law Firm

The Rigsbee Law Firm is a team of black women, who call themselves The Brand Protector. They aid business owners that want to protect their brand in areas like but not limited to Trademark, Contracts, and Term & Conditions. They offer service bundles that maximize value, courses for independent workers and they even host events locally.

If you would like to learn more about how The Rigsbee Law Firm can offer click here.

The Allen Law Firm

The Allen Law Firm is a criminal defense team with over 75 years of combined experience. They aid individuals who have been charged with a crime or who have suffered a personal injury. CEO and Lead attorney Jamal Allen strives to provide empathy, compassion and a genuine human connection.

If you would like to learn more about The Allen Law Firm, you can read about them here.

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Rachel Frazier Johnson Law, also known as RFJ Law, is a legal team who has been representing clients in Arizona for over 20 years. Their areas of practice include family law, juvenile law, personal injury and estate planning. The RFJ Law founder, Rachel has been described as a powerful leader and skilled attorney, who serves the community.

To learn more about RFJ Law and how they can help you click here.

ReGain Law Firm

ReGain Law Firm was started by Nancy Uko after she had represent herself in her divorce while attending law school. This firm specializes in services such as divorce, division of assets, child support, and much more. ReGain Law Firm fight for individuals to regain their voice, their power, and their life.

Get more information on ReGain Law Firm here.

Life happens! You know what they say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

My personal recommendation is to keep a running log of your available resources, like this one. So that in the instance you find yourself needing a particular resource, you will have access to it.

You save time on having to look for it and are free to do other things that me be of equal or greater importance.

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