6 Groups in Phoenix to Join to Meet More Black People

A pain point for many of the new black residents of the Phoenix Metro area, is the lack of abundant opportunities for meeting other black people. To put it in numbers, black people only make up about 4% of Arizona population.

Have you ever heard of meetup.com?

It’s an online platform where people can go to meet new people and learn new things; the purpose of the site is to build local communities. You can search the groups that have been created in your area and join any that interest you.

In this article, we’ll talk about 6 groups available in Phoenix, where you can meet numerous black locals.

Black Women of AZ

This, women exclusive, group is a sisterhood of black women, from all over Arizona. The aim of the group is to provide a safe space for black women to connect, bond, and network in the valley.

Black Women of Az was founded in 2016 by non-native, Phay Dee, who like a lot of new residents, she moved to Phoenix with no friends or family. This supportive group hosts events specifically to bring together women of color.

This group has grown significantly since it’s beginning, now with over 10,000 members across all their platforms. In addition to meetup.com, you can find more information about this group via their Facebook, Instagram, website, and even eventbrite.

Phoenix Black Collective

This private group has over 1,500 members. It was created to bring together the brilliant and successful black people in Phoenix, the “like minded, positive, movers and shakers in the black community”.

In, addition to MeetUp.com, the Phoenix Black Collective has a private Facebook group for their members.

The Phoenix Black Collective hope to facilitate the creation and empowerment of relationships amongst those, who join the group, both socially and professionally.

Space is the Place

This group, of Millenial and GenX aged locals, describes themselves as “young-is folks, who appreciate good grammar, interesting music, and good cocktails”. They have just over 1,000 members total.

From the looks of their photo albums shared on meetup.com, I can tell you two things about the group Space is the Place.

Number one, this group knows how to have a good time.

Number two, they meet frequently with consistently descent turn out in member attendance.

Mocha Girls Read Tempe

This groups is for black women, who like to read, who want to encourage more reading, and who want to meet other black women, who think common. There are over 1,300 Mocha Girls Read members.

Mocha Girls Read are working to inspire reading in women and to share in literature and fellowship. The members physically meet at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Az.

You can find information about the Mocha Girls Read group, their reading lists, so much more from their website.

Outdoor Afro Arizona

The goal of this group, with over 1,700 members, is to reconnect Black people to nature and other recreational activities. Some examples of the recreational nature activities you can expect to be a part of with this group will include camping, hiking, fishing, and gardening.

Being that the weather is descent in Phoenix, Arizona, this group is a great way to get outside and be adventurous.

The Outdoor Afro Arizona group is just one part of the national Outdoor Afro company, learn more about the, on their website here.

Grown Folks

Just like the last group, this group has just over 1,700 members, according to MeetUp.com. Grown Folks was created for active Black men and women 40 and over, who enjoy conversation, outings, and cultural event local to Phoenix.

It looks like the Grown Folks required their members to attend two events per year. That should be an easy requirement to meet with how frequently the group meets.

They have three events coming within this month including the Melanin Natural Monthly Market featuring all black owned businesses and a Black Girls Golf virtual master class.


If you are looking to meet more black people in the Phoenix Area, these 6 groups are a great place to start. Depending upon your interests, of course.

In addition to these groups, you can search the MeetUp.com platform for more groups to meet people with certain interests. To be successful in building long lasting social and professional relationships we recommend you find groups you can join that have similar interests to your personal interests.

If the group is public, you get to access neat feature such as photo albums of images from group events, you get to check out active group member accounts, and you can see upcoming and past events the group holds.

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