7 Black Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals of Phoenix, Arizona

If you are reading this, you’re probably looking to get into shape and maybe you need to enlist some help. It can be quite hard to maintain, let alone start, a health and fitness journey all by yourself. However, it’s not an impossible goal to accomplish to take on a fitness journey solo.

You can always enlist the help of a local fitness professional. Two heads are usually better than one. Fitness professional are literally here to help people, like you, who need help to reach and to maintain their personal fitness goals. You can meet with a professional virtually from the comfort of your home or in a fitness gym.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a number of local and black fitness professionals, who are accepting new clients in the Phoenix area.

Coach Kiy

Image for Kiy’s Instagram

Our first professional, Kiyhanna Dade goes by @CoachKiy on instagram, she’s known for training young athletes. Kiyhanna’s instagram is flooded with fitness exercises you can try, some of her training sessions done with the young athletes, and motivational content for self improvement.

You can book Coach KIY by direct messaging her on Instagram. She offers one on one personal training, small group training, athletic performance, endurance training, and healthy lifestyle guidance.

Cortez Higgins

Image from Cortez’s Instagram

The next black fitness professional is Cortez Higgins, found on instagram as @cortez_higgins. Cortez provides services as a strength and conditioning coach as well as a basketball trainer.

You can reach Cortez via email at cortez.higgins@gmail.com or by phone at (408) 390-2373.

David with Juice Fit

Image from David’s Instagram.

David is the next fitness professional. He goes by @juicefit3 on Instagram. David provides services as a Nutrishop Athlete with a Masters in Kinesiology and Nutrition. He describes himself as a scientific booty builder and fat loss professional.

You can book online or in person sessions with David through his website and you can email him at davidkanyinda13@gmail.com.

Jasmine Ray

Image from Jasmine’s instagram.

Jasmine is a certified personal trainer and fitness influencer here in the valley. She has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Jasmine describes herself as a fitness nerd, who strongly believes in the science of fitness. She is passionate about encouraging women to get strong using strength training.

Jasmine only believes in healthy and sustainable fat loss methods, encouraging women to eat the food they enjoy and moving clients away from fad diets. You can catch up with Jasmine on instagram here and also on YouTube here.

Phenomenal Performance

Image from the Phenomenal Performance Instagram

Phenomenal Performance fitness classes are hosted by owner @pdod.da.god or Big P on Instagram. He offers an online monthly fitness subscription, personal training and sports specific training.

You can schedule an online or in person session with Phenomenal Performance by reaching Big P by phone 602-769-7485 or email pdodson100@gmail.com.

Inferno Performance

Inferno Performance is a business that prides itself as a one stop shop for all health and fitness needs. They offer fitness and sports performance training, health supplements, meal prep services, and recovery services. You can learn more about Inferno Fitness and what they have to offer by visiting their website. You can also just contact the health and wellness mentor Dontay Moch by phone (602) 688-0751 to get started.

Jacqueline Lomax

Image from Jacqueline’s instagram.

Jacqueline Lomax can be found on instagram as @jjlomax and Facebook here. She offers services in fitness and nutrition, her mission is to help women feel better, eat better and live their best lives. Jacqueline offers a 21 day challenge to tone and tighten, which is to be done at home. You can apply to be coached by her here at the Lomax Method Academy.

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