How Can I Make Money from My SmartPhone?

It’s 2021 and for entrepreneurs running your own business has never been so simple. At bare minimum, almost anyone with a smartphone can become self employed. Take how simple it is to become an entrepreneur today and add in the fact that we are talking about living in Phoenix, Arizona. The 5th largest city in America! …Of course, the income opportunities are going to be plentiful. To anyone willing to put in the work, that is.

Here is a list of companies that operate locally and are almost always looking for independent contractors to help meet their customer demand:


Depending on which part of Phoenix you are available to work in, you can deliver items for companies using car, scooter, or even bike. You get to choose when to work by picking up scheduled shifts as they come available. If the demand is high enough some platforms give you the option to just hop on a platform and get to work, no notice.

Image on Doordash , Map of Phoenix

DoorDash (Food Delivery)

Uber Eats (Food Delivery)

Postmates (Food Delivery)

Grubhub (Food Delivery)

InstaCart (Personal Shopper and Food Delivery)

Shipt (Personal Shopper and Food Delivery)

Images of Notifications from Doordash App


When you choose to ride share, you are typically agreeing to transport strangers from one place to the next place using your personal vehicle. Think of these opportunities like that of a taxi, but with less strings attached.



Veyo (to and from medical appointments)

From Home

Depending on what assets you have at home and what you don’t mind sharing, you could be eligible for work with one of the companies below.

SudShare (in home laundry) – you need access to a washer, a dryer, and some laundry supplies.

Turo (rent out your vehicle)

AirBnB (rent out an extra room or free property)

– SpotHero (rent out your parking space)

Neighbor (rent out your parking space)

StoreAtMyHouse (rent out storage areas; shed, garage, basement, attic)


Bellhop (on demand moving help)

Qwick (on demand food and beverage help)

Rover (on demand pet sitting and walking)

Most of these companies have a few things in common; you choose your own schedule, you can can choose your working location, and you can be paid weekly sometimes daily. You are essentially your own boss within the agreed upon guidelines set in the contract between you as the independent contractor and the company, who hires you, as the payer.

What is an Independent Contractor?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the payer of an independent contractor has the right to control and direct the result of the work done not what will be done and not how it will be done. Companies will also refer to this position as a 1099 contractor. In regards to tax, those in these positions follow the same rules as the self-employed. An independent contractor is responsible for maintaining and paying their own taxes. The payer will not deduct any government expenses from the independent contractors income prior to payout as in a regular 9-5 position.

We strongly recommend finding a tax attorney for any tax questions you may have as an independent contractor. Should you decide to go for one of these companies and think about taxes later, maybe you should also keep paperwork on any and all business expenses. This can save you big time in the long run. All that being said, pay close attention to the terms you are planning to agree to.

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