Who Delivers Food in Phoenix?

There are tons of food delivery platforms and companies available in the Phoenix Metro area. There will come a time when you will not want to cook or even leave the house for that matter. The goal of this article is to help expand your available options when that time comes.

For the most part the food delivery industry can be broken into two categories; delivery platforms and delivery direct from the restaurant. There are pros and cons to both.

Let’s cover the direct from the restaurant option first. It’s the most limiting option. It is also the option that will cause you to do the most work, if you don’t already have a meal in mind. Most restaurants do not offer their own delivery and it not common for all food types. You see it frequently with pizza restaurants, sandwich shops, and Chinese restaurants.

The best way to check if a restaurant has delivery available is to check their website, to call the location, or to go in to their physical location and inquire. You would need to keep tabs on each restaurant that offers delivery services and the varying delivery fees that may apply to help with your decision making process.

The pro to using this option is you are working with the restaurant directly and should any problems arise you know where to find the root cause. Another pro is in this situation, if you have restaurant specific coupons, you may be able to use them on their website.

The con is the limitation on available options and the slight inconvenience of extra work.

With the advance in technology, delivery platforms like Doordash, Postmates, and Grubhub were able to emerge. These platforms act as a marketplace for food delivered from restaurants that would normally not otherwise offer delivery. The contractors working these platforms act as the third party delivery company servicing all the restaurants on their platform by region.

In addition, to the platforms I’ve already mentioned, there is also UberEats, InstaCart, and EatStreet should you need a few more options. You would visit one of these delivery platforms, when you are ready to order a meal, either via smart phone application or by the company’s website. It immediately gives you access to a diverse list of restaurants available in you area for delivery. Since their big launch a number of years ago, they have came quite a way in their available restaurants and features. For the most part the platforms share a lot of common restaurants, but there are some that have exclusive local restaurants.

You can filter restaurants on the delivery platform by cuisine type, food item offered, reviews, and more to narrow down your search. This is especially important when you are in a rush. If you are a new user, I recommend taking advantage of their free trial offers on their monthly subscriptions. For that time period, you get free delivery and sometimes a discount on service fees that apply to the order. You also get to use any active and qualifying coupon that you may have on top of that for extra savings.

At the moment Uber is my personal favorite. It’s at the top of my preference for one reason and one reason only. They offer a buy one get one free incentive on their platform. The selection is at the discretion of the restaurant, but two for the price of one on a combo or single dish is a steal.

The pro to using this option is the convenience and abundance of options. They also always offer dollar off incentives for referring friends to use the app. Most of these delivery platforms now offer monthly subscriptions and loyalty programs to entice the use their site.

The con to using these delivery platforms is the inconvenience you are faced with should anything go wrong with your food. (Sometimes they will credit you at their discretion if you follow certain measures.) A couple other negatives are technical issues and they give the third party delivery drivers multiple orders so you can run the risk of getting cold food.

I highly recommend doing you research on new restaurants prior to ordering from them on these platforms. Check reviews, look for images of the food for quality, and compare pricing and product detail. I cannot stress this enough, for my people, who do not eat everyone’s cooking you probably already hip on why. For those, who are unaware, there are some very questionable food spots offering delivery these platforms.

As a previous full time delivery driver for Doordash and Postmates in the Phoenix metro area, I am speaking from experience. There are numerous restaurants I have visited where the cleanliness, quality, and safety of the establishment led me to question how they were legally in business in the first place. I hope that the Rona scares people into better cleanliness habits.


You can easily get food delivered to your place of residence or your place of work on demand in Phoenix, Arizona. You can search for nearby restaurants that offer delivery or just hop on a delivery platform. Make sure to keep the respective pros and cons in mind to better the outcome of your decision. The hardest part of this process should be figuring out what you actually want to eat.

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