5 Things You Need To Know About Moving To Arizona?

Are you looking to relocate to Phoenix or another city in Arizona? I have to information that will help make the process a whole lot easier. This could be the first time you move out on your own. This could also be your tenth relocation rodeo. You could also be a current Arizona resident, who still could use some assistance getting completely settled in. Either way… I think anybody could benefit from the knowledge we’ll provide about relocating to Arizona specifically.

When you move to Arizona you’ll need a number of things in order to live comfortably.

First and foremost, you need a place to stay or depending on your lifestyle, you may just need a place to lay your head at. There are a number of options you can choose from in reference to living arrangements in the valley. You could rent a house or an apartment, you could room share, or you could be “homeless”.

1. Rental Requirements and Applicable Fees

If you choose to rent, here are some requirements you can expect for most rental properties in Phoenix, Arizona:

Monthly Income: 2.5-3 times the monthly rent ( or a co-signer who’s income is 5 times the monthly rent ) From my experience most places will accept your last 2-3 paycheck stubs, 3 months of bank statements, or if you can show proof that you, at the time of the application, have a lease worth of verifiable income at minimum.

Local Property Managers will be doing a credit check on the applicant(s); sometimes derogatory marks like bankruptcy, eviction and such may cause the rental application to be denied. If that is the case, I recommend avoiding such places and you may end up losing the ability to have the application fees reimbursed back to you. There are places that will welcome you even with derogatory credit marks.

Do you have any rental history? Property managers want to know if you have any rental history, it gives them an idea of what type of tenant you may be. I had no issue finding a place to live as a black woman new in Arizona and with no previous rental history. Again, derogatory marks like evictions, late or unpaid rent, and property damage could result in a rental application denial.

– Property Managers are also interested in your current employment status. They want to know how you plan to maintain your rent for the duration of the lease contract period.

Prepare yourself to pay for a number of fees if you can’t find any rent specials. You can expect to pay for fees during the rental application process. Give yourself some wiggle room in your financial living budget in preparation for fees. (application fees, administrative fees, pet fees (if you have any animals), parking fees, trash valet fees, deposit)

2. Utilities

Utilities, for the purpose of this article, will refer to electricity, gas, sewer, water, trash as well as optional items like cable, internet, and phone. Gas, sewer, and water is often bundled together and billed a month in arrears. That’s the case with majority of the commercial rental properties. (When you rent from private renters or landlords, this process can look different.)

With the electricity, there are two primary providers Salt River Project (SRP) Power and Water and Arizona Public Service (APS) Electric. SRP is most common, they offer monthly and pay as you go type of service options. When you set up service, you may be asked to pay a deposit to set up the account. The rental property will request your electricity account number once it’s established.

In regards to luxury utilities like cable and internet, you typically have to use the provider the property manager has selected unless otherwise disclosed. These providers are region based and in order to know who is available to you, you need to know what area you will be moving into. A couple major providers in Arizona would include Cox and Centurylink.

3. Income

The next discussed item to consider, when choosing to relocate to Arizona, should really be a no brainer. When you live anywhere, especially Phoenix, you need a steady source or sources of income to sustain a comfortable life for yourself. You can read ways about some ways to make money in Phoenix here.Are you bringing that with you? Or is the opportunity of income a reason you decided to relocate?

In Phoenix,Arizona employment opportunities are plentiful, if that’s your thing. You may have to travel quite a distance sometimes, depending on the type of position you are looking for, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job when in need. I can’t promise the job hunt won’t be stressful though.

If you plan to embark on a entrepreneurial journey in Arizona as a black person, you should know a couple facts. Arizona is not a ‘black Mecca’ or ‘black Hollywood’, meaning there isn’t an abundance of black community in business. You are going to have to put in some work! This state is still fairly new and becoming, it’s a great place to set a foundation and build it up. There are lots of black businesses in the valley and more popping up as time continues.

4. Transportation

When relocating to a new place like Phoenix, Arizona, it’s very important to have reliable transportation. Phoenix is the 5th biggest city in America when we consider population. Without reliable transportation it can get hard, if not impossible, to navigate and maintain basic human needs like food and self care. Luckily, if you don’t have your own transportation there are a few temporary options at your disposal in Phoenix.

5. Becoming an Official Resident

If you come to find that you like Arizona and can see yourself as a long time resident, it would be beneficial to get an Arizona State ID or an Arizona Driver’s License. You can obtain or switch the state of an ID or driver’s license by going to a local Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) office or authorized third party with the required documentation. The documentation these offices are looking for is something to prove your identity, your age, and your authorized presence. Social security card, birth certificate, and a drivers license, for example, would be acceptable documents.

The state will identify you as a resident if you reside in Arizona for more than 7 months a year. Aside from that, having Arizona identification just makes obtaining certain things in Arizona way easier. Some local business, that require don’t allow Non-Arizonian residents to utilize their services. Sometimes Arizona residents get special deals and promotions with local businesses.

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