15 Organizations in Phoenix, Arizona that Help the Local Black Community

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A common pain point for the black people of Phoenix is the perceived lack of community and resources. Truth is, Arizona has a lot to offer to the black people, who inhibit. New entities in support of the black community are popping up across the valley now more than ever.

Here is a list of local organizations that provide aid and resources to the black community of Phoenix:

100 Black Men of Phoenix

100 Black Men of Phoenix is the local chapter of a national male youth mentor ship like program. This organization has been serving the valley since 1994 and their motto is, “what they see is what they will be”. The mission of 100 Black Men of Phoenix is to improve the quality of life for the black community and enhance the opportunities available to blacks. They are partnered with numerous Phoenix schools, mainly those schools located in south valley. During the school year, young male students are partnered with professional black mentors to help with academic and social development. This organization accepts donations and they have volunteer opportunities available for those looking to help their cause.

Images of Upcoming Events being host by 100 Black Men of Phoenix

Achieving My Purpose

Achieving My Purpose is a local organization that empowers young women to embrace their purpose. The organization was created in 2013, by Linda Groomes Walton, current president and CEO. At Achieving My Purpose they have the resources to connect young local black women with professional female role models and for skill building and self esteem building. They offer programs & activities such as referral networks, workshops, guest speakers, career shadowing and internships. The organization also host an annual Celebration of Women event, to celebrate the local black women for the contribution to Phoenix, Arizona. You have the opportunity to request a tribute honoring a woman in their Celebration of Women book; it includes a ticket to their Celebration of Women event.

Arizona Black Bar Association

The Arizona Black Bar Association is statewide membership of black law students and legal professionals representing the public and private sector. The organization was started in 1971 as the Arizona Black Lawyers Association. The mission of the Arizona Black Bar Association is to enhance the professional lives of their members and the public perception of black legal professionals.

Arizona Center for African American Resources

The Arizona Center for African American Resources (ACAAR) was founded in 2007. The mission of this organization is to improve the life challenges for black people in Arizona. The ACAAR informs the black community of news that directly impacts them, protect black youth from criminal justice system, promote an education centric mentality and so much more.

Images of events recently highlighted by ACAAR on their website.

Arizona Coalition for Change

The Arizona Coalition for Change is an organization focused on empowering regular people to transform their community.

BASE Arizona

BASE Arizona (Black Alliance Social Empowerment) is a community for black people in Arizona to feel safe, respected and comfortable being themselves in reference to cultural ethnicities. This organization create alliances and promote education in the creation of sustainable solutions in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, cultural and social community development. BASE Arizona even has ‘afro scouts’ for the black youth.

Beyond the Veil Global Ministries

Beyond the Veil Global Ministries is a community of black God fearing families, who help people in Phoenix, Arizona experiencing homelessness. This organization provides items like food, water, and clothing to those in need. Beyond the Veil Global Ministries also provides essential mental, financial and spiritual support to those in need.

Black Family and Child Services of Arizona

Black Family and Child Services (BFCS) of Arizona have been active in the valley since 1984. Their five part mission is to improve quality of life, to enhance development of the youth, to serve as advocate for children and families, to provide leadership, and to develop local partnerships for the benefit of the youth. The BFCS of Arizona offer services in family enhancement, substance abuse, behavioral health, and therapeutic foster care.

Black Mother forum

The Black Mother Forum started in 2016 as a team of black parents advocating to dismantle that adversely impact the black community and to create a safe and supportive environment for black children and black families. This organization’s mission is to educate, to organize and to take action promoting healthy mindsets and relationships to prevent school to prison pipeline.

Black Nurses Associations of Phoenix

The Black Nurses Association of Phoenix (BNAP) started in 1976 with the idea of encouraging people of the black community to develop healthy lifestyles through education. The mission of this organization is to address the health needs of the black community and provide continued health education. The BNAP provides information, education and activities that improve health in Arizona. They also offer collaborative mentorship program to help nursing students who are new students, nurses transitioning into new roles, and nurse advancing into leadership.

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Black Phoenix Organizing Collective

The Black Phoenix Organization Collective or BPOC is an organization working to build a bigger, better, and blacker phoenix and to build black power. They prioritize black needs by three categories; policing, housing and wellness.

Drinking Gourd Farms

The Drinking Gourd Farms is an organization that was started by the BPOC. It is a network of black gardeners and farmers focused on the physical, mental, spiritual health of black people through agriculture, political education, and culture rich healthy cooking/volunteer opportunities.

Black Theatre Troupe

The Black Theatre Troupe has been an active organization since 1970. This entity provide training, employment and performance opportunities to multi-ethnic and under-served artists. The mission of the Black Theatre Troupe is to educate, enlighten, and entertain a diverse and multi-cultural audience.

Chandler Men of Action

The Chandler Men of Action organization was started to create hope and opportunity to the black youth. This organization hosts an annual banquet to recognize black men in the city of chandler for their achievements.

Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer

The Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer (CBABC) has been active in the valley since 2010. This is an organization of breast cancer education and outreach for those in the Phoenix Metro Area. The main goal of the CBABC to increase the survival rate of black women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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All of these organizations have volunteer opportunities for those, who like to help in the community. These companies also accept donations towards their individual, but common causes.

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