Where are the Black Singles in Phoenix?

Are you single and in Phoenix, Arizona?

Are you looking for a fine black man or women to date or befriend?

You don’t know where to go, do you?

Black people, are an obvious minority in the state of Arizona. It can be quite a challenge finding local black friends let alone suitable relationship partners.

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First of all, you need to know exactly what it is that you are looking for from dating before you jump out there. Otherwise, you run a huge risk of failure with little chance of success. So ask yourself, are you after some short term fun or are you after a serious long term commitment. Then ask yourself where do black singles go and what do they do? The answer will tell you the type of activities to be apart of and the type of places to go to.

Black people, generally speaking, love good home cooked meals, we love dancing, we love playing sports, we love getting competitive, we love free stuff, we love the company of other blacks …to an extent lol and let’s admit it, we love to talk some stuff. From my experience, most black people are looking for a reason to get dressed up and show out.

The idea is to find a place where you can do these types of activities because it will increase the likelihood of being around other black people.

Here are a list of places you can check out to help you find black singles:

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– local sporting events (especially basketball, football, track and dance or step)

– local clubs that heavily play hip hop and/or R&B in their daily rotation

– shop with black businesses

– local skating rinks

– local bars and pool halls, especially if they have darts and Pac-Man.

– local hot people spots

– an arcade bar

– your local Dave N Busters or Main Event type of establishment

– soul food and souther hospitality type restaurants

– community events for kids

– convenient stores/gas stations in urban areas

– local dispensary or smoke shop, if you know then you know.

– the malls; indoor, outdoor, outlets

– the local grocery store

– popular fried fish and chicken spots

– a red light

– public transportation

– the beauty supply store

– the barber shop/the beautician

If we’re being honest, you can literally bump into your new boo anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona. The goal should be to keep an open mind and be clear about the type of person you are looking for. However, if you find that the in person dating scene is too much, there is always the online dating option. There are plenty of dating apps and social media app to help you meet locals from the privacy of your own home.

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