Open Jobs in Phoenix, Arizona for Social Media Influencers

It’s 2020 and in 2020 being a social media influencer can be part time or even full time online income. It can be a very lucrative income at that, with the right planning and execution. The advancement of technology is crazy. One minute, people had to communicate door to door and the next minute, the act of leaving the house for practically anything is optional.

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Social Media Influencers can really simply be described as ‘brands’ that ‘influence’ an audience and their value is determined off their ability to gain and keep an audience. The bigger the audience, the more profitable the brand.

The perfect job for a social media influencer is one that consists of building a brands online presence and selling the online presence of the brands predominantly via social media. The online presence being engaging with customers, promoting the brand with the intent of building their audience.

This would typically require someone who is knowledgeable about the major social media platforms as well as the upcoming social platforms and any new online trends. It might require some experience in Marketing, SEO, communications and basic graphics or editing.

You may not have much experience or maybe you are looking to gain more experience as an influencer, you can gain some experience and learn strategies under major companies. It is okay to follow a major company, something like a mentor, before trying to lead your own company. I’ve compiled a short list of current job openings I found on Indeed this month in Phoenix, Arizona that will be of interest to aspiring social media influencers.

• SEM Manager for CozyMeal in Scottsdale, Arizona

CozyMeal provides themselves on being the #1 marketplace in the U.S. and Canada for culinary experiences and products. They are currently looking for an experienced Search Engine Marketing Manager to run their Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing campaigns.

Brand Ambassador for Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee or RISE Nitro Brewing Co. is a fast growing nitro coffee brand started in Brooklyn in 2015. They are looking for a part time brand ambassador to learn the brand and actively sell the brand to consumers via events and product demos.

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• Social Media Assistant for Broken Drift Productions

Broken Drift Productions or BDP is a company that provides a platform for entertainment, media services, and professional events. They are looking for a social media assistant to engage with and promote BDP on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

• Social Media Specialist for Volt Energy of Gilbert, Arizona

Volt Energy is a solar power company. They are looking for a social media specialist to engage on their social media accounts, to creat photo and video content, and make new company connections.

If you are actively in search of a social media manager or influencer position, look for roles with social media in the title or description. The roles should ask for help with tasks like promoting a brand, creating online content, and selling products or services.

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