13 Black Content Creators in Phoenix, Arizona

Content creators or Social Media Influencers are typically people, who provide personal insight on products and services to an audience via content created for their social media platform. We would like to spotlight 13 local influencers, who create consistent content, you might enjoy.


The Style Gypsy is an Instagram blog started by Tucson, Arizona native, Aiesha Beasley, in 2017. It began as a creative outlet for Aiesha to share some of her favorite pictures. On The Style Gypsy you can expect fashionably chic images with a sort of vintage feel to them. Aiesha creates content on Tik Tok as well, she actually found tremendous growth in her following and engagement from the app in comparison into Instagram. She shares the most unique finds in Arizona and she displays them in such a creative way… every new mini adventure really peaks the curiosity. Our favorite segment on The Style Gypsy would have to be “Tip Tuesday”, every Tuesday Aiesha provides a new detailed tip for those, who want to monetize their social media platform.

Currently: Aiesha is juggling a full time job, creating content, and finishing her website for launch.

LongTerm: Aiesha would like to be a full time content creator.


Pod Son is local podcast host and Pod Son Radio is the name of his podcast show, you can find it on YouTube. From our observation, Pod Son interviews consist, mainly, of guests from the local entertainment industry. We noticed somewhat of a pattern to his interviews. He dives into the background of his guests. He also asks them questions about currently trending topics. At some point he provides the guest an opportunity to discuss their current and future projects. Pod Son even has his own catch phrase he says throughout the show. He says, “Shine Moment” to highlight a guest’s accomplishments. He prides himself on having had the chance to interview guests such as Master P, Deebo, Rick Ross and more.

Current Projects: no response.

Long Term: no response.


Miss Opportunity, also know as Dejenaie Williams, describes herself as a marketing director, model, and public host. If anyone asked, we would also add entrepreneur to the list. Dejenaie certainly lives up to her name as Miss Opportunity, this young black woman is truly working every opportunity she’s presented even in 2020. We first noticed Miss Opportunity as a host of her YouTube show Opportunity Live and from the launch of her local print magazine, Rep Ya City Mag. She is very active on her social media platforms. She’s definitely not camera shy and she’ll be one to watch 2021.

Current Projects: We know Miss Opportunity is adjusting to her new role as Marketing Director for local print and embroidery shop, Blue Gecko Print.

Long Term: no response.


Lauren Lux is founder of @phx.girlboss, a community for collaboration and events amongst girl bosses throughout the valley. We absolutely love what Lauren is doing with Phx Girl Boss. From the looks of it, the women seem to really enjoy and benefit a lot from attending her events. Lauren also has a YouTube channel, she’s expressed a love for home decor. I think it’s safe to say that we can expect more home decor type content in her future, since she just moved into a new home.

Current projects: no response.

Long term: no response.


Charles Davis has a Couples YouTube Channel with his girlfriend Alyssa. Charles has been on YouTube for awhile. Alyssa was not his first co-host, but it wasn’t until the two decided to team up that the channel began to catch traction. It has been a long road for Charles on YouTube, we’re happy to see him winning. The couple has over 1 million subscribers. All this… just from sharing a piece of their growing relationship with the world. Charles and Alyssa create prank videos, they do trendy challenges, and they sometimes test cultural boundaries.

Current Projects: no response.

Long Term: no response.


Jas So Strong is a health and fitness Instagram blog, started by Jasmine Ray. She shares workout demonstrations, health and fitness tips, and her personal eating habit via Instagram and YouTube. Jas has a degree in exercise science and is now a certified trainer. Even before all that, she was no stranger to the fitness field. She was an athlete as a kid, it was almost natural she fell into the profession. Jas has been in the valley for over a year now, she’s a Kentucky native. She is accepting clients for an Phoenix resident needing a personal trainer going into 2021.

Current Projects: no response.

Long term: Jas would like become a full time trainer and fitness coach. She would also like to help women reach there fitness goals and possibly open her own gym.


The Desert Baby is a local hip hop recording artist. We like him because he heavily represents for his home state, Arizona. We quickly noticed his love for the city and his persistence in his career as a rapper. We would like to encourage more locals of the community to visibly share their love for the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The Desert Baby is a new recording artist for Ice Wata Records. He has released a number of songs since the deal.

Current Projects: no response.

Long Term: no response.


Liryc is a triple threat. She dances for the official SuicideGirls Black Heart Burlesque dance team. Liryc also offers sexy choreographed dance lessons online via zoom and in person at . She was able to pick this up more regularly with the dance team not being so active during quarantine. Check this out, Liryc also is a professional baker. She runs @pastriesnotpasties and the desserts look so sinfully delicious. Liryc is very active on all social platforms and the content is always well displayed.


DiVoye (Dee-Vo-Yay) is a local YouTuber, she says her main focus is her brand DiVoye Inc. We noticed DiVoye’s lively personality. She was an interviewer at a Phoenix Fashion Week, it was documented by a business associate and friends of hers. DiVoye says she made her very first YouTube video almost 10 years ago. She did not decide to take her account seriously until after she moved to Arizona. DiVoye is another content creator, who gained quick growth on Tik Tok. You can expect daily content on all her platforms. She displays a wide range of her day to day activities and emotions. DiVoye says shes always been interested in the media and entertainment fields. She studied in theater and dance in school.

Current Projects: no response. Vlogmas.

LongTerm: no response.


HBYungn is a local hip hop recording artist from Saint Louis, Missouri. HBYungn is the founder of @haardbodyyyent, a recording label, and they have a local modeling agency @hardbodyangels. There is always something to see amongst the three Instagram accounts. HBYungn and his team are cooking. We can catch visuals and audio of new music, behind the scenes work with the HB Angels, and more. The HB Angels are devilishly gorgeous.

Current Projects: no response.

LongTerm: no response.


De Lore’ (day lor-ray) is a published model and creative director. She has an eye for what the camera needs from both ends of the spectrum. De Lore’ can design sets, style models, help you decide poses and she can also play both photographer and model. You can find some of her work under @thelorelook.

Current Projects: No response.

LongTerm: No response.


Qiayz is the stage name for local female rapper, singer and songwriter, Niquia. Niquia is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but she grew in in Phoenix. We first got hipped to her when she was in a female cypher for Phoenix a few years back. We are really feeling her single Been a Dub from the melody to the lyrics to the visuals. Qiayz says she’s been rapping since she was the age of twelve. She was even in a rap duo called Blueprint with Angela Candidate or Ladie Lyriq at the time.

Current Projects: Qiayz is working on a project for women. “women empowerment is more powerful when powerful women empower men and women”

Long term goal: She would like to become one of the most influential people of her time. Qiayz went on to mention being an artist, an influencer, a speaker, a daughter, and a friend.


Courtney La’Bree is a local entrepreneur and content creator. She owns online women’s boutique, @RockandRitzy. Courtney also has a couple’s YouTube channel with her husband, @courtandtower, they share their travels, relationship fun and behind the scenes on their businesses. Her husband is a professional photographer, he’s to thank for the beautiful product images on her website.

Current Projects: no response.

LongTerm: no response.

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