Classes to Take for fun!

When you hear “take a class”, what do you think? Do you immediately think of school and associate it to boring? I know I did… but not anymore.

There are a number of classes in a variety of fields available in Phoenix. Taking classes as adults, provides an opportunity to meet new people, to learn new information and to try new things. It’s important to participate in activities that encourage continued learning in the fields of interest and importance to you.

Here’s a list of 10 types of classes offered around the valley worth signing up for:


Image of the Elbowgrease website

Join Elbowgrease Boxing and Fitness with Taversha Norwood for free weekly kickboxing and strength training sessions online. Learn to defend yourself while also providing an opportunity to get physically active.

Join Kristina Girod at blacked owned fitness center, Power and Flow of Scottsdale, Arizona for cycling fitness classes. Great source of cardio! You could enjoy these intense classes with great music in studio or on demand online.

Join Body By Berrie for “flirty” Fitness classes hosted by, Saint Louis native, Nyla Berry at Z Room Fitness in Tempe, Arizona. She offers Trap Step Cardio, Twerkout, and Art of Seduction classes. You can book a Body by Berrie class through eventbrite.

Join @lessonswithliryc for sexy choreographed dance lessons from a professional burlesque dancer, Liryc.

Join PYT Fitness LLC by Ja’Net for pole fitness classes, yoga classes, and twerk classes. Shae is “improving lifestyles one class at a time” and she offers classes in Las Vegas, Nevada in addition to Phoenix, Arizona.

Learn a Trade or Skill

Join a Paint & Sip course or host a private paint and sip party. Did you know every first Tuesday evening at the downtown Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles location they off a paint and sip class in the restaurant?

Join @braidz4days, or All Mix’d Up Beauty Lounge for one on one and group classes on hair braiding. These talented and experienced braiders can help beginner braiders and experienced braiders build and strengthen their braiding skills.

Take a swimming class at your local recreational center or community pool, the City of Tempe offers swimming classes for all ages. We all know the stereotype of black people and water. I know tons of black people, who have not learned to swim. I am one of those people. It’s essential to our survival that we get more comfortable with water as a race.

Take a crafts or sewing class with your local Joann’s craft store. They offer group and private sessions in store that are booked online. Learning the basics of sewing could help with repairing clothes or manufacturing your own clothes. Ultimately, this class option helps to save money in multiple ways.

Join @lavishriah owner of Lavish Dolls LLC of Chandler, Arizona for an eyelash extension course, a brow tinting course, a tooth gem course, or a teeth whitening course. Riah also sell the necessary supplies to build your business in each field in her online shop.

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