Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner for $20 or less…

Do you hate not having an idea what to eat? I know I do…

Or maybe you have a date and you don’t want to spend more than $20?

I’ve compiled a list of 15 meal options to feed two people practically anywhere in the valley with $20. Here are five meals for breakfast, five meals for lunch, and five more meals for dinner:


How does a warm, seasoned breakfast burrito with red or green sauce to drizzle it in sound for breakfast? Well.. You can grab two breakfast burritos with sauce and drinks from Burrito Express. We suggest the potato and egg burritos, don’t forget to add cheese.

Photo of Egg Breakfast options from Waffle House.

What about two eggs scrambled with cheese, cinnamon raisin toast, and hash browns? Grab two of these meals from your local Wafflehouse. We suggest requesting the hash browns to be scattered well with jalapeño peppers.

If you are in the east valley, head over to Downtown Chandler Cafe and Bakery. You can order one french toast platter or one pancake platter and a couple of drinks. Both platters come with eggs cooked your way and a side of meat. You could also substitute the side of meat for a side of their home fries or… just add another side option, in general, if you’re extra hungry.

How about a healthier option? Maybe you’d like to try a Pitaya or Acaì super fruit bowl with fresh fruits and granola. You can grab two bowls from The Original Chop Shop. These bowls are made to order and very delicious.

Are you in a crutch for time? Just grab two egg & cheese biscuits, two hash browns, and drinks from your local McDonalds. We suggest substituting the egg for a round egg. You could also substitute the biscuits for McMuffin bread or McGriddle cakes.

Photo of Acai Bowl from the Original Chop Shop.


Maybe you’re craving some Mexican food? You could always stop by the closest Chipotle and grab your choice of a customized burrito or bowl and a large chips and guac. Load the burrito or bowl up with all the fixings to get the most bang for your buck. This is not the time to be simple… I mean you could be, but why?

Who doesn’t like a good pizza, am I right? You can grab two personalized pizzas from Fired Pie. You get to customize the whole pie. You pick your crust, cheese, sauce, meat, veggies, and herbs. Load it up! You could even grab two custom salads instead at the same price and with similar options.

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ classic combo, a deli sandwich and potato chips. You can grab two 8 inch Original Sandwiches and Chips from Jimmy Johns with a drink to wash it all down. Perfect option, if you need something fairly quick.

Do you need something light and maybe on the healthy side for lunch? How about a tasty salad or three lol? lf you not hipped to Salad and Go, what is you doin’ baby? This place is home to a variety of salad options for just under $6 each and you can complete you meal with $1 drinks.

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When you are tight with time and money, the best option is typically fast food. It’s certainly not the best for us, but often it’s the most convenient option. If that’s the case for lunch, how about 4-6 tacos, 1 large seasoned curly fry & 2 reg shakes from Jack in the Box? They have plenty of other options on their value menu, mix and match at your discretion. Whatever you do, don’t forget the buttermilk ranch and lots of it.


Have you ever had an Indian dishes? No?! You’re in luck, we have a recommendation perfect for beginner taste buds, Chennai Fusion Grill. You can try their Chicken Tikka Masala meal, spicy curry chicken recipe, its served with white rice. We recommend adding two orders Garlic Naan Bread, one may be enough, but it’s so good drenched in the masala sauce.

Photo of the Country Fried chicken dinner from Cheddar’s

Is a home cooked meal what you are after for dinner? You might enjoy a Country Fried Chicken Dinner w/two sides from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This meal comes with two huge crispy cuts of fried chicken, plenty to share. The default side choices are mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans. You really can’t go wrong with any dish at Cheddar’s.

Maybe you are craving Chinese food? Panda Express has been old faithful for a long time. You can get one Bigger Plate from their menu. This meal includes your choice of 3 entrees and 2 sides. There will be extra for you to add another side or entree and a drink. Have fun with it, try some new combinations.

What about the food so great I listed it twice? Pizza! If you are looking for some quality pizza, locate your nearest Spinato’s Pizzeria. Order yourself a medium one topping pizza, we favorite the chicken sausage, but it’s no longer available. Bummer. Spinato’s is a Chicago style pizzeria with numerous locations. Pick up a bag a salad mix from Walmart for that extra razzle dazzle.

Have you ever tried Pita Jungle? It’s a Mediterranean inspired restaurant available throughout the valley. You can try two of their grilled chicken pitas and add separate side of their garlic roasted potatoes. Pita Jungle is more than generous with their servings.

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